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We all think we know the MSHA regulations that apply to our type of mine, but often, we are confronted by interpretations that are confounding, confusing or contradictory.  

MSHA has issued literally thousands of pages of documents interpreting its regulations, but trying to get to the one that applies to our situation is time consuming and often frustrating. 

MSHAWise allows you to search quickly and easily through all of the MSHA regulations and all of the material that MSHA has issued interpreting them in minutes rather than the hours it takes trying to extract it from the MSHA website.  

When you search by regulation number, you will find all of the regulations that relate to the subject matter as well as all of the guidance addressing that regulation including:

  • Program Policy Manuals (PPM)
  • Program Policy Letters (PPL)
  • Procedure Instruction Letters (PIL)
  • Program Information Bulletins (PIB)
  • Procedure Handbooks
  • Compliance Guides

The information is organized so you can search to your specific mining method and commodity, with visibility into related rules from other types of mines. So if you want to know what MSHA considers an adequate vs. an inadequate guard, both the coal and metal non-metal regulations and guidance will be at your fingertips.

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